React24 – A Level 1 BEE Rated Company

React24 is a 100 % black woman owned company. The business is registered within the Construction Seta and has BEE Level 1 rating.

React24 has an employment equity plan in place and has been audited by SANAS verifier.

React24 is proud to announce that it is one of the only companies who currently employs 2 female black plumbers within South Africa. This has received favourable publicity for React24 in that tertiary institutions within South Africa has engaged in discussions with React24 to forge a working relationship for their apprentice students in the building and plumbing faculties.

React24 employment equity plan is in sync with Governments Regulations, and for this reason the business emphasis is to employ, empower and equip black, previously disadvantaged individuals and woman especially within the built environment of South Africa.